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Verrazzano Wallet | Artisan Made Leather Wallet

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Horween Chromexcel 3 Pocket Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Features a hidden inner pocket for secure quick access to cards or cash. 

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ID Cards, Discount Cards, Insurance Cards. Most of us have quite a few cards that we carry with us daily; and with the transition into a digital age, carrying cash is becoming less common. This wallet was designed with that in mind.

Crafted from quality full grain leather. This leather is rich and supple, and offers a beautiful pull up characteristic (when folded it turns a lighter golden brown, then returns to the darker brown color).

This wallet is designed for front pocket use to carry a number of cards or receipts / cash. Each outer pocket can initially accommodate 3-4 cards, and even more when broken in. The curved outer pockets allow easy access of your cards or cash.

Hand saddle stitched with a contrasting, waxed polyester Ritza Tiger thread.
Minimalist in style, and crafted by hand from the highest quality materials available, this wallet will provide decades of use. All products are also backed by our 101 year guarantee.

Leather is a natural material and is subject to slight variations in texture and color. Every leather good we craft is inspected to exclude any drastic variations and ensure you're satisfaction!


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