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Lead Time / Order Process




Turek Leather Works is a small leather goods workshop located in rural Illinois along the banks of the Mississippi River. Solely owned and operated by Robert Turek. Turek Leather Works sole focus is producing heirloom quality leather goods at a reasonable price. 

I'd like to take a moment to explain the process of my products and how orders are processed. 

Design and Testing

My design process begins with creating products that I believe are functional, rugged and built to last a lifetime of use. Before an item is placed for sale on my website it has undergone months of use to ensure it performs as intended and is found to be at a high level of quality. 

Product Listing

After the testing phase is completed and I'm truly satisfied with the products design, I make the product anew and place it for sale on my website. This product is also used for the product listing and photographs. The first person to order the product will receive the initial product that was created for the listing and it will ship the first business morning after the order is placed. Each subsequent order for the product will be placed into my order queue and handcrafted in the queue. 

Order Queue / Lead Time

For every order received, it will be placed into a queue. If however, the initial product created for listing purposes is available, the item will be readied for immediate shipment and avoid the queue. 

Queued orders are handcrafted as my schedule allows, with my sole focus being on the order at hand. 

At the time of writing, my queue time is approximately 1-2 weeks after an order is placed. Most orders are able to be handcrafted in 1-2 hours, and ship the following business day after being handcrafted. 

This means that when you place an order, please do not expect to receive the item fr approximately 10-14 business days at earliest. 

Once an item is finished, I will print a shipping label and you will receive a shipping email confirmation along with tracking information. 

Item Availability

Stock levels on Turek Leather Works are representative of the amount of particular leather I have in inventory to create the needed products. If an item is showing as out of stock, it usually means I am awaiting an order of that leather. If you are wanting to order an out of stock item, please contact me and I will see if I can source the leather in an expedited manner. 

Limited Stock

At times when no orders are queued, I will produce a few of my best selling items so that there will be a small quantity on hand available for expedited shipment. 

Christmas Season

Christmas season beginning in approximately early November through late December is my busiest time of the year. During this time, I will not alter my queue system. If yu are needing a product by a certain date, please contact me before ordering and I will reply with a more definite shipment approximation for your order.