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Introducing Our Take on Minimal Wallets

October 29, 2015

Introducing Our Take on Minimal Wallets


I first experienced the desire to make a minimal wallet many years ago after attending my first Cardinals game as an adult. Back in those days, beer came in 32 oz cups, and sold for around $8! Every vendor checked ID, so it was imperative to have your ID on you. However, I realized it would be horrible to lose the entire contents of my wallet after having imbibed. (Just fyi we always had a hotel within walking distance of the stadium)....An idea came to me that I needed a way to carry just my ID and my budget for drinks. Out of that was born my minimal wallet. 

An ideal way to carry an id and credit card or cash. Only carry a few cards daily? These can be the perfect replacement for a bulky back pocket wallet! 

These also make a great business card holder!